Altitude Land Consultants, Inc. is a Colorado-based land consulting firm founded in early 2009. We offer full service civil engineering, land surveying, planning, urban design, and forensic engineering services. Our focus is on land development consulting for residential, commercial and public clients, including new development, infill redevelopment, and remedial design services. We currently hold licenses in 12 states and have a staff of 18 professionals located both in our Denver, Colorado (RiNo District) office.

Our diverse portfolio is exceptionally large and continually evolves as the company grows. Our success in overcoming market conditions is, in large part, due to our dedication to our clients. We understand that every project will not be an award winner, however, we take great pride in the work that we provide and prioritize success in our projects over the bottom line or efficiency schedules. Altitude Land Consultants is the team for your project.


Karl W. Franklin, PE-PLS-EXW
DJ Zehnacker, PE

Company Management

Salvatore Cambria, PE
Vice President
Dobson Stancill
Master of Survey


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