From a small town on the western slope of Colorado to a few blocks from Coors Field: 2-time college grad with both a Mathematics and Civil Engineering degree. When not sifting thru hundreds of emails you’ll either find me on the ball field or you won’t find me at all. Team sports are my most visible passion, but the outdoor call to me comes loud and often. Whether I’m looking for the freshest snow or most secluded lake, I’m at home where the stars are the brightest and the people the fewest.

The team atmosphere brought me to Altitude Land Consultants. Being a shout or a skype away from a solution just simply gets things done. You can’t turn a double play or hit a grand slam without relying on your teammates.


Stuff that might crack you up but probably won’t:

Favorite food: Raw Fish and Rice, anything requiring BBQ sauce

Favorite thing: My Yellow Labrador, Jenni

Animal most resembles: Bears (resourceful, powerful, majestic, faster than you expect)

Nicknames: Ru (because far too many new parents pick biblical names), War Panda, “Hey, Deaf Dude!”

Greatest fear: the death of comedy and sarcasm

Hates: political conversations and overcooked steak