Personal Bio: 

Seydou was born in Senegal, West Africa, and moved to Tennessee when he was 10 years old. He spent his teenage years trying to find a middle ground between the two vastly different cultures that were impacting his life. It was this drive that led to his passion for soccer, a sport loved universally. This passion also sparked curiosity for other universal, cultural truths which stuck with him as he went on into college. It wasn’t until his second semester at the University of Tennessee, when he stumbled across a Waters and Civilization course that highlighted the importance of urban design, and its impact on water quality that he decided to be an engineer. He spent the rest of his time at UT, studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, while also working in an environmental lab. When he graduated, he continued working in the environmental field; but found that he was beginning to outgrow Tennessee. So he shifted his focus onto finding a city that was well suited for him. This search originally led him to California, where he worked as a Traffic design intern, but California still wasn’t a right fit. He missed the mountains, but wanted to stay out west. This is when he looked into Denver, a city with exciting growth and a great outdoors scene. When he arrived to Denver, he started working as a barista at local coffee shop, while trying to find a firm whose values of sustainable design lined up with his. This is what led him to Altitude, and as we say, the rest is history.